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FS#21 - Add line weight scale factor Expand Collapse

Required for extreme units such as Nanometers or Kilometers. See also FS#20

FS#137 - SVG Export precision Expand Collapse

In files exported with the (even PG) exporter I sometimes see values like these: 334.99999999999994 or 570.0000000000001 and very often 12 digits of precision.

To safe on file size, I suggest, that QCAD rounds values on SVG export to eg. three places. When viewed in an ordinary web browser, that will result in a precision of 1 inch / 96dpi / 1000 = 0.00026mm, not? Ends should still meet.

FS#154 - Image: move reference points to scale Expand Collapse

Image: move reference points to scale

FS#173 - explode text to letters Expand Collapse


FS#268 - Define grid origin Expand Collapse

Define grid origin

FS#396 - Blocks: moving blocks: show bounding box Expand Collapse

Blocks: moving complex blocks with drag and drop should show bounding box as preview

FS#454 - combined move/rotate/scale with two reference points Expand Collapse

It would be extremely helpful, if marked objects could be moved/rotated/scaled in a single step with two reference points as source and two reference poitns as destination. With a tool like this, "should match"-drawings could be merged easily.

FS#455 - logical operations for polylines Expand Collapse

A missing feature in my work are logical operations (combine, intersect, ..) for polylines

Draw some elements, select them, say combine. The result will be the outline of all elements.

FS#467 - Feature request for new Arc tool option to add to Arc set Expand Collapse

For and behalf of mandrena

To add another Arc tool option in Arc tools set:

1.Specify Start point for Arc.
2.Specify End point for Arc.
3.Specify "Tangent" direction (without being restricted in input field) so you can visually select a point on your desired Tangent line!

FS#482 - Block with hatch, scaled with different X / Y factors Expand Collapse

Block with hatch scaled with factor in X different from factor in Y leads to problems if contour contains arcs (which cannot / are not scaled disproportionally).

FS#498 - issue importing from Autocad Expand Collapse

There is an issue importing from Autocad:
lines and quotes (both arrows and text) appear too much big (see attachment).
I can fix quotes modifying dimensions in "current drawing preferences", but lines are still too thick.
Autocad's dxf are opened with right line thickness but wrong quotes.
Furthermore, Autocad opens Qcad's dxf files showing wrong quotes.

FS#500 - Autohide Side Panel Expand Collapse

it would be ideal to be able to have the option to autohide the side panel to increase the visible drawing space when working on a small screen.

FS#502 - Points on line: enter distance instead of number of points Expand Collapse

Points on line: enter distance instead of number of points as a variant of the tool or as a new tool.

FS#503 - Convert entities to points with a fixed distance Expand Collapse

Select lines, arcs, ... and convert them to points along the lines, arcs, ... with a fixed distance.

See also forum at:

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FS#1087 - Ruler ticks are not corresponding to the grid points Expand Collapse

Ruler ticks are not corresponding to the grid points,
Ruler will completely disappear at a certain zoom level,

Drawing unit: inch,
Grid settings: Grid 1, Meta Grid 12,
Dim Label Format: “Engineering, 0’-0.0”

see topic below:

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