Multi page printing feature - feedback

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Multi page printing feature - feedback

Postby Clive » Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:43 pm

Thanks Andrew for 'highlighting' this feature on the website blog -
I must admit I didn`t actually think about using this feature :roll: (as you say on the blog "it might not get your attention right away").
But having now looked at this properly, I can now see how useful this feature is. Especially for me if I need to print/laser cut something to a specific material and I only have for example A4 sizes of that material - it certainly 'speeds' up the re-aligning/positioning process! 8)
I have now used this feature already on a little job where I had to use 2 sheets of only A4 size material, this method is so simple to use and quick to 'drag' and reposition stuff.
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