Imperial (US) drawing sheet templates, ANSI A-E

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Imperial (US) drawing sheet templates, ANSI A-E

Postby Husky » Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:06 pm

Hi guys - if you are in need of a couple "Imperial drawing sheet templates" - here we are :wink:

Husky-2013.07.28-05.png (4.73 KiB) Viewed 4973 times

Well organized imperial Drawing sheets incl. Pr-defined Layers and Blocks for:

- Paper Frame,

- Title Block incl. Projection symbol 3rd angle (US),

- Zoned Border (Sub-Block of Paper Frame),

- Logo / Name (Sub-Block of Title Block - changeable!),

Drawing unit: inch
Linear Dimensions:
Dimension height: 1/8" (0.125 inch),
Format: Fractional, Precision: 1/32"
Scale 1"=1"

Easy to configure - visible/invisible how ever you like it,
Easy to copy/scale - everything on one Layer (Drawing sheet),
The "Drawing sheet" Layer is default locked - if you have to put Data into the Title Block you have to unlock the Layer ...

Husky-2013.07.28-02.png (29.65 KiB) Viewed 4973 times

Husky-2013.07.28-03.png (29.61 KiB) Viewed 4973 times

Husky-2013.07.28-04.png (29.24 KiB) Viewed 4973 times

Husky-2013.07.28-01.png (5.78 KiB) Viewed 4973 times

Imperial drawing sheet templates:

ANSI A / 28" x 11" Portrait,
ANSI A / 28" x 11" Landscape,
(26.44 KiB) Downloaded 313 times

ANSI B / 11" x 17" Landscape,
ANSI C / 17" x 22" Landscape,
(26.38 KiB) Downloaded 329 times

ANSI D / 22" x 34" Landscape,
ANSI E / 34" x 44" Landscape,
(29.84 KiB) Downloaded 279 times

Projection symbols,
Projection symbols.dxf
(85.05 KiB) Downloaded 281 times

or ... at one go .zip ;-)
(90.51 KiB) Downloaded 289 times

All downloads are free for QCAD user!
Customize it how ever you like it!

Have fun!!! 8)
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Update: Imperial (US) drawing sheet templates, ANSI A-E

Postby Husky » Wed Sep 25, 2013 8:33 pm

Hey - how nice is that!
With the new QCAD 3.3.0 release we have more and nicer possibility's to handle i.e. the entries in a title blocks or a revision block.
It's called "Block attributes" and that was a reason for me to update the Drawing sheet templates with this new feature of QCAD.

Husky-2013.09.25-01.png (53.68 KiB) Viewed 4580 times

QCAD 3 - Video Tutorial (Q&E).
"Drawing sheet template with block attributes"

Long story short:
You will find in the .zip the same Drawing sheet templates as above but now with the new block attribute function.

ANSI A-E with block
(101.52 KiB) Downloaded 294 times

Have fun! :wink:
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