Just for fun - QCAD drawing challenge !!!

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Re: Just for fun - QCAD drawing challenge !!!

Postby Grunt » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:51 pm

Hi Clive.

I've recently downloaded Qcad after trying other drawing software and not being able to get on with them. Qcad certainly meets my needs and is very user friendly. The last time I mucked about with CAD was 15 or so years ago on Auto Cad. So with some trepidation I will rise to your drawing challenge.

I have a couple of questions though.

1. Is there an 'array' option f the central circle of 'bricks' or is it move/ copy?
2. Is it possible to copy from one layer to another, deleting the selected entity from it's original layer?

Thanks in advance.
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