Polyline -Create from Segments

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Polyline -Create from Segments

Postby Clive » Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:32 pm

When creating polylines from segments in QCAD, currently once the first segment is selected, be it line or arc -QCAD changes all corresponding connecting segments from start to end to a polyline which is on the same layer(including attributes) as the initial selected choice. This as we know is expected behavior.

I would like to see an additional option added to the 'Create from Segment' tool that also allows the user to first highlight a specific layer to create the polyline on...doing away with the need to be so precise with the initial choice (make sure you select the first segment on the layer you want to finish up with). Maybe this would be a two step process here, but it would sure help I think.

What thoughts have others got about this - good idea or not, is there any thing I'm missing here that would make things more difficult if this additional option would to be added ?
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