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 1644 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Crash on hide all layers button / mixed layers of diffe ...Closed2Martin Task Description


it occorred to me now several times, that I have been working on 2 or more files simultaneously when suddenly on some operations layers from one file showed up in the other file. nothing was pasted when it happened just many files open, or few files with many layers in them. (about 100 layers, but sometimes also only 10 layers)
Today I disabled a single layer in one dxf (A) which caused all layers of the other dxf (B) to show up in the layer list (and the layers that should show up were all gone).

I knew this already from 2 more occurances and tried the best to undo all my changes in (A) before “emergency saving” (A). I closed one of the two dxf files (A), leaving one open (B). Everthing seemed pretty normal again. Then pressing the “hide all layers” button just crashed qcad without any message. That crash on “hide all layers” happened twice today). I can’t reproduce the crash right now, but will add details here when I find something. As far as I remember the bug occured already in qcad 3.17, but I’m now on 3.18.1

thanks :)

1645QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowAdd warning when opening file with 3D contentAssignedMartin Task Description


I’m working currently a lot with files coming from rhino. Qcad can open them properly any also most operations on them work as usual - except the selection methods.

box select from upper left to lower right works as usual.
double click to select all connected entities is broken. (only one entity is selected).
box select from lower right to upper left does not select entities touching the selection box. (nothing is selected)

on mac os nothing is selectable with single click.
on linux single click sometimes fails (nothing is selected after clicking on a line).

thanks for looking into this :)


 1662 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Performance IssueLow Select > Select Contour: slow for complex drawings ClosedMartin Task Description


when working with files containing many not connected elements (non-poly-line elements) a double click can cause a coffee-break easily. The search for connected entities easily takes over 5 minutes on an up to date machine ([email protected]) with files that are pretty standard in size (2 or 3 MB file size ascii dxf). Adding an interruption-method would be suitable (for example by pressing escape).

attached a file with a polyline of 13000 entities and a second file with just everything duplicated. When exploding the polyline and double clicking an element it takes quite a while until all elements are selected. (this is not an extreme example, I had sometimes 10 minutes of waiting with slightly bigger files, accidently double clicking something).

also an improved algorithm for the search would help to speed up the selection. (e.g. divide the area in smaller parts, do the search there, or an option to search only in the visible view port of the document)


1663QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowFeature Request: Export Layers as New DrawingAssigned1Martin Task Description


in many tasks in qcad I ended up exporting one or several layers into individual files for some cnc jobs or further processing. So the steps I usually do are:

  • select all elements on the layer
  • paste into new drawing
  • sometimes rename layer names or attributes
  • adjust dimension settings
  • save and give name for drawing

Sometimes I have up to 100 layers I need to export like this, so an automatic export for all would be time saving too. But very often a “single click” export method would also help a lot. (e.g. inside the layer list an entry in the right click menue like “save as new file”). Also a multiple selection would be handy if more that one layer should end up in the new file. (e.g. select the three layers that need to be in the new document, then right click and save as new file). Maybe this is too much of changes needed inside the layer list - so something like a separate layer export dialogue would make sense.

When exporting many layers some variables for automatic naming of layers and filename would make sense e.g. user can specify basename_%L.dxf to get the basename_layername.dxf or just an increasing number.

For layers and attributes it is often needed to give a layer a certain name or color for different cnc processes (e.g. engraving and cutting for lasers) or to put everything on layer “0” because of some old CAM software that only supports content on layer 0.

probably many more details would make sense that I didn’t think of yet...

kind regards

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