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 580 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Black color reverted to white color on each close ClosedMichel-Henri GONZE Task Description


When I started Q3, I selected a White background in the initial dialog window. I opened a copy of a good Q2 file and saw that ALL entities with Q2 Black/White color where forced to be White. Andrew explains this as a mean to avoid unreadable items against the background colors. Remember I selected White as background ? I guess Black/White entities could be better kept as Black ?

Following Andrew’s advice, in Application Preferences =⇒ Graphics View, I unchecked the Auto correct black and white colors check box. The background settings is white. OK.

I went through a process of changing the White color for several layers to Black. I also had to change the color codes for the hatch areas. For instance, the hatch area layer “055_F_Murs” has “14-76-255 / 255-197-179” values in Q2. Why these values are auto corrected to “30-128-255 / 255-191-127” ?

After these changes, I saved the file, closed Q3 and opened the file again.

Catastrophique ! All “Black/White” layers were back to Black and the hatch colors were back to the “auto corrected” values.

Changing the background color to black then white seemed to solve the problem : the layers kept the Black color. Actually it was just an illusion.

Yesterday too much confident, I spent the whole day, modifying layers to Black, adding new layers also Black or custom color, checking the line weight (replacing the “default” (?) value of 0.25 mm with my preferred default value of 0,00 mm, I’ve posted on the forum about this) and so on. I saved the file, closed it.
To-day, nearly all layers have lost their colors :
- Black ones are again White,
- custom color are “auto corrected” as above for “055_F_Murs”,
- only the standard non Black/White colors are preserved, like Blue, Magenta etc.

At this point, I can’t continue using QCAD 3 with enough reliability as my color settings are always lost. This is why I qualify this bug as CRITICAL.
I don’t want to use a Black background or a Light Blue one. Why do you think all old “green on black VDU” were replaced with “black/color on white” displays, to begin by Apple ?

NB I already reported this but can’t find it in the list (maybe because I forgot to enter a summary ? No warning, happily I had a copy with Notepad), sorry for the duplicate.

 563 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportMedium Hatches and colors transformed in Q3 ClosedMichel-Henri GONZE Task Description

To check compatibility for the same .dxf drawing prepared with Q2, I prepared 2 copies, one with a “_Q2” suffix and the other with “_Q3”. I managed to keep an operational Q2 system on the same Win7-HomeEditionPremium-64bits PC. As you can guess, I opened each copy with the relevant QCAD version.

In each version, I selected the same hatch layer and list here their properties along with a hardcopy of a display of a similar part of the hatched area, with blue lines showing the differences in hatching, apparently the density.
Q2 : Solid:False, Scale:3.00, Angle:0, Name:ar-brelm ; the color is described in its panel as 20,255,255 and 255,85,0 (left colum first from top to bottom).
Q3 : all identical values but Scale:0.78189.

Another comparison with a global view of the same drawing. Just notice how the hatching in the areas at the bottom are different (red lines). Also, I noticed that increasing the zoom let the hatching appear in the Q3 version instaed of the grey homogenous color, but the hatching in Q3 remains more dense than in the Q2 version.
Q2 : Solid:False, Scale:1.00, Angle:0, Name:ar-conc : color is a standard grey (0,0,128 & 128,128,128)
Q3 : Solid:False, Scale:0.246063, Angle:0, Name:AR-CONC : color is qualified as “custom” even with the same values.
Both have “centimeter” as drawing units.

Then I opened another Q2 drawing with Q3. I elected to hide all layers then to show all of them. And the color hatching of some aras were then modified. See 3rd picture with all black areas. (Just changing the layers shown or hidden was enough to not allow to close the drawing without a save...).

Than you for your attention or letting me know which setting can correct the differences.

564QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Feature RequestLowSettings organisation in levelAssignedMichel-Henri GONZE Task Description

As an old professional “documentation writer and user inteface designer” but IMHO, I’m not convinced that the “Application preferences” are correctly organised for ease of understanding and using them.
These settings are organised in 2 levels. Some of the first levels have their own settings (e.g. “Graphics view”) while most others don’t (e.g. “Load/save”). May I humbly ;-) suggest some consistency rules :
- no sub-level if there is only one subject
- no items on main level if there are already 1 or more sub-level(s).
For instance :
- sub-level “Default Dimension settings” under “Dimension” is the only sub-level : then move these items under main level “Dimension” and suppress the sub-level ;
- the items under “Graphics view” main level (with several sub-levels)could be in a sub-level named “General” ;
Actually, “Graphics view” main level is the only one which has both its own items and sub-levels ;-))) ?

 562 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Layer "Black/White" color from Qcad2 not kept in v3 ClosedMichel-Henri GONZE Task Description

I made several drawings for my building renovation project, using Qcad Pro v2.2.2.

I’m used to have a white background and selected adequate colors for my layers : quotations in black or blue, legends in black too etc. When I started QCAD 3rc5, I choose white background in the 1st application launch startup screen.

OK, the background is white. But now I see that ALL “black” items are de facto in white, making them hard to read as you can believe.

Why are the colors I choose for my layers not kept in this QCAD 3 ? I remember ;-) that in v2, one of the standard color choices was “Black/white” ; I assumed the actual choice of black or white was somehow related to the then selected background.

Is there a kind of a setting or a miracle procedure to allocate all previous “Black/White” color to pure black ? Or to add a provision in the startup screen to select which Black or White color to assign to the previous “Black/White” color.

I’m facing a hard choice :
- use a non-white background ? Pale-blue could be nice ... but I would still be forced to change my ex-black-now-white layers color. Black or dark background is not recommended in view of eye strain : should I be back to old monochrome VDU ? Printed paper are easier to read with black text on white paper, aren’t they ?
- modify manually all layers which were changed “à l’insu de mon plein gré” from black to white, and in all my drawings ? Not enough time, sure !

 561 QCAD BugtrackerQCAD (main)Bug ReportLow Dropdown list with black lines ClosedMichel-Henri GONZE Task Description

Just installed Q3rc5 with Win7.64 bits.French. To report bugs, I wanted to change my interface user language from French to English.
Using menu “Edit” =⇒ “Application preferences” =⇒ “Language settings” =⇒ “Language”, I notice that the dropdown list (combo box) is hard to decipher as all lines are with black text on a black background. Only the current value is shown with white text on a blue background.

Moving the cursor up and down reveals the other values. After navigating in the list, all values can be read. Going to another item in the Settings and then back to the Language settings : all lines can be read.
Closing the setting and opening it again, the same dropdown list has again all entries in black but the current selected value in blue.

NB: Searches for “dropdown”, “combo”, “selection” etc returned no related task.

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