Open Source 2D CAD
Todo List
Member DL_Dxf::getStrippedLine (std::string &s, unsigned int size, FILE *stream, bool stripSpace=true)

Change function to use safer FreeBSD strl* functions

Is it a problem if line is blank (i.e., newline only)? Then, when function returns, (s==NULL).

Member DL_Dxf::addAttribute (DL_CreationInterface *creationInterface)
add attrib instead of normal text
Class DL_Writer
Add error checking for string/entry length.
Class DL_WriterA
What if fname is NULL? Or fname can't be opened for another reason?
Member RArc::getAngleLength (bool allowForZeroLength=false) const
almost the same as getSweep
Member RArc::getTransformed (const QTransform &transform) const
Not working as expected, fix or disable
Member RBox::scaleByReference (const RVector &referencePoint, const RVector &targetPoint, bool keepAspectRatio=false, bool fromCenter=false)
implement fromCenter
Member REllipse::getMiddlePoints () const
Member REllipse::getPointsWithDistanceToEnd (double distance, int from=RS::FromAny) const
Member RMath::angleToString (double a)
Support different formats.
Member RTriangle::isPointInTriangle (const RVector &p, bool treatAsQuadrant=false) const
implement for all shapes
Member RVector::isoProject (RS::IsoProjectionType type)
Member RVector::getDividedComponents (const RVector &v) const
Member RVector::getMultipliedComponents (const RVector &v) const
Member RDocument::clearSelection (QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::selectEntity (REntity::Id entityId, bool add=false, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::selectEntities (const QSet< REntity::Id > &entityId, bool add=false, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::deselectEntities (const QSet< REntity::Id > &entityId, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocumentInterface::selectEntity (REntity::Id entityId, bool add=false)
refactor into operations
Member RDocumentInterface::clearSelection ()
refactor into operations
Member RDocumentInterface::addAuxShapeToPreview (RShape &shape)
Support other shapes.
Member RDocumentInterface::setCurrentUcs (const QString &ucsName)
refactor to store current UCS in document / storage like layer
Member REntityData::intersectsWith (const RShape &shape) const
better to pass another entity data object?
Member RExporter::exportEllipse (const REllipse &ellipse, double offset=RNANDOUBLE)
switch from line based interpolation to arcs.
Member RExporter::exportShapes (const QList< QSharedPointer< RShape > > &shapes)
support more shapes.
Member RMemoryStorage::setEntitySelected (QSharedPointer< REntity > entity, bool on, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL, bool onlyDescend=false)
Improve performance for selecting many block references
Member RS::EntityType
QCAD 4: rename to objectType
Class RDimensionData
explodable interface that returns list of REntityData, maybe base class RComposedEntityData?
Member ColorPreferences ()
maybe we can 'invalidate' RSettings to force that all values are read again from the ini file instead.
Class SvgImporter
Use a 3rd party library to fully support SVG.