Open Source 2D CAD
Todo List
globalScope> Member ColorPreferences ()
maybe we can 'invalidate' RSettings to force that all values are read again from the ini file instead.
Member DL_Dxf::addAttribute (DL_CreationInterface *creationInterface)
add attrib instead of normal text
Member DL_Dxf::getStrippedLine (std::string &s, unsigned int size, FILE *stream, bool stripSpace=true)

Change function to use safer FreeBSD strl* functions

Is it a problem if line is blank (i.e., newline only)? Then, when function returns, (s==NULL).

Class DL_Writer
Add error checking for string/entry length.
Class DL_WriterA
What if fname is NULL? Or fname can't be opened for another reason?
Member RArc::getAngleLength (bool allowForZeroLength=false) const
almost the same as getSweep
Member RArc::getTransformed (const QTransform &transform) const
Not working as expected, fix or disable
Class RDimensionData
explodable interface that returns list of REntityData, maybe base class RComposedEntityData?
Member RDocument::clearSelection (QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::deselectEntities (const QSet< REntity::Id > &entityId, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::selectEntities (const QSet< REntity::Id > &entityId, bool add=false, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocument::selectEntity (REntity::Id entityId, bool add=false, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL)
refactoring to operation
Member RDocumentInterface::addAuxShapeToPreview (RShape &shape)
Support other shapes.
Member RDocumentInterface::clearSelection ()
refactor into operations
Member RDocumentInterface::selectEntity (REntity::Id entityId, bool add=false)
refactor into operations
Member RDocumentInterface::setCurrentUcs (const QString &ucsName)
refactor to store current UCS in document / storage like layer
Member REllipse::getMiddlePoints () const
Member REllipse::getPointsWithDistanceToEnd (double distance, int from=RS::FromAny) const
Member REntityData::intersectsWith (const RShape &shape) const
better to pass another entity data object?
Member RExporter::exportEllipse (const REllipse &ellipse, double offset=RNANDOUBLE)
switch from line based interpolation to arcs.
Member RExporter::exportShapes (const QList< QSharedPointer< RShape > > &shapes)
support more shapes.
Member RMath::angleToString (double a)
Support different formats.
Member RMemoryStorage::setEntitySelected (QSharedPointer< REntity > entity, bool on, QSet< REntity::Id > *affectedEntities=NULL, bool onlyDescend=false)
Improve performance for selecting many block references
Member RS::EntityType
QCAD 4: rename to objectType
Member RTriangle::isPointInTriangle (const RVector &p, bool treatAsQuadrant=false) const
implement for all shapes
Member RVector::getDividedComponents (const RVector &v) const
Member RVector::getMultipliedComponents (const RVector &v) const
Member RVector::isoProject (RS::IsoProjectionType type)
Class SvgImporter
Use a 3rd party library to fully support SVG.