Add Tab

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD/CAM
Menu: CAM > Add Tab
Shortcut: K, T
Commands: camaddtab | kt


This function adds a tab to the current drawing. Tabs are small connections between a cutout shape and its surrounding material. Tabs can be used to hold a piece in place while cutting it out of a sheet material. This prevents the piece from moving while the tool is still cutting.
Tabs are typically very small, so the piece can be easily broken out of the sheet material once the toolpath is complete. To securely hold a piece in place, three or more tabs are typically used.


  1. Start this tool.
  2. Enter the desired length and thickness of the tab.
  3. Use the mouse to position the tab in your drawing. Tabs are usually positioned on the original contour (not on the offset contour). However, they also affect the toolpath if a radius compensation is used.