Add Drill Toolpath

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD/CAM
Menu: CAM > Add Drill Toolpath
Shortcut: K, L
Commands: camadddrilltoolpath | adddrilltoolpath | drilltoolpathadd | kl


This tool creates a new drill tool path, based on the current selection. A drill tool path is a tool path for drilled holes. The center of the hole can be defined by a point entity or the center of a circle entity.


  1. Select the points or circles you want to use as a basis for the drill toolpath. You can select one or multiple points or circles.
  2. Start this tool.
  3. The drill toolpath dialog is shown with the various parameters that define a drill toolpath. Cutting Depths:
  4. Click OK to create the drill toolpath. QCAD/CAM generates the toolpath and displays the path of the tool center in the graphics view as a dashed line.