Add Profile Toolpath

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD/CAM
Menu: CAM > Add Profile Toolpath
Shortcut: K, P
Commands: camaddprofiletoolpath | addprofiletoolpath | profiletoolpathadd | kp


This tool creates a new profile tool path, based on the current selection. A profile tool path is tool path that follows a profile with the tool center either on the geometry or using a tool radius correction to the left or right side of the geometry.


  1. Select the profile(s) you want to use as a basis for the profile toolpath. You can select one or multiple open or closed profiles. A profile typically consists of a polyline or a selection of connected lines, arcs, ellipse arcs and splines. If you need full control of the start point and direction of a profile toolpath, make sure that all your profiles consist of polylines with the desired start point and direction.
  2. Start this tool.
  3. The profile toolpath dialog is shown with the various parameters that define a toolpath. Cutting Depths: Side / Direction: Leads:
  4. Click OK to create the profile toolpath. QCAD/CAM generates the toolpath and displays the path of the tool center in the graphics view as a dashed line.