Gerber Import...

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD/CAM
Menu: CAM > Gerber Import...
Commands: gbximport


The QCAD/CAM module can import Gerber files of format RS-274X. Only paths and aperture flashes are imported.


  1. Start the tool by choosing the menu or tool button shown above.
  2. Select the Gerber file you want to import. Gerber files usually have the file ending .gbx.
  3. The Gerber file is loaded and shown as a new drawing.

Note: The unit of the Gerber file is not converted during the import. If the Gerber file is stored in Inches, the file is imported into a new drawing in Inches. If the Gerber file uses Millimeters, a drawing in Millimeters is created.