Toolbar / Icon:
Menu: Draw > Text
Shortcut: T, E
Commands: text | te


Use this tool to create single line or multi line text entities.


  1. After launching the tool, the text dialog is presented in which you can choose the font and enter the text you want to create.
  2. Choose the font name, text height and initial text attributes in the upper left area of the dialog.
    CAD fonts that are made up of lines and arcs are listed at the top of the font list, TrueType fonts are listed below.
    In the "Height" field, enter the height of the text in the unit of your drawing. To choose normal line spacing, enter a line spacing factor or "1". You can increase or decrease the line spacing by entering an alternative value. The value entered is a factor relative to the default (1.0).
  3. Enter the rotation angle for the text. Normal horizontal texts have an angle of 0 degrees and texts that are readable from the right 90 degrees.
  4. Choose the alignment of the text.
  5. Check the "Simple Text" check box to create a single line text without any advanced formatting.
  6. Enter the text you want to create in the large text box.
    You can use the various tools above the box to further format the text that you have entered or to paste texts from the clipboard. Use the button at the right to quickly insert symbols or to choose a Unicode character ("Others...").
    Note that the font you have chosen might not contain the characters you insert. In that case the characters will not be displayed in the drawing.
  7. Click "OK" to exit the text dialog.
  8. Use the mouse to specify the location of the text or enter a coordinate in the command line.
  9. Often, users need to create a number of similar texts. For that reason the text tool does not terminate after creating the first text entity. You can change the text and the text angle in the options tool bar and create other texts with similar settings.
  10. Right click or press Escape to stop the text tool.