Toolbar / Icon:
Menu: Edit > Paste
Shortcuts: Ctrl+V (Mac: ⌘V) | P, S
Commands: paste | ps


The paste command inserts the entities that were previously copied to the clipboard. Paste is especially useful to transfer entities from one drawing to another.
All layers that are used by the clipboard contents are pasted into the layer list of the current drawing. Existing layers with the same name can be overwritten if desired ("overwrite layers" option in the options tool bar).
Block references that are on the clipboard will be pasted together with the block definitions they refer to. Blocks in the current drawing can be overwritten if desired ("overwrite blocks" option in the options tool bar).
The options tool bar also offers some tools to scale, rotate or flip the clipboard contents while pasting.


Set the target point for the pasted entities with the mouse or enter a coordinate in the command line. The target point corresponds to the reference point that was chosen when copying or cutting the entities if Copy / Cut with Reference was used. If Cut or Copy without reference point was used, the center of the selection is used as reference point.