Toolbar / Icon:
Menu: File > Import
Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+I (Mac: ⇧⌘I)
Commands: import


The import command inserts a drawing from a file on disk into the current drawing.
All layers that are used by the imported drawing are added to the layer list of the current drawing. Existing layers with the same name can be overwritten if desired ("overwrite layers" option in the options tool bar).
Block references of the imported drawing will be inserted together with the block definitions they refer to. Blocks in the current drawing can be overwritten if desired ("overwrite blocks" option in the options tool bar).
The options tool bar also offers some tools to scale, rotate or flip the imported drawing while positioning it.


Set the target point for the imported drawing with the mouse or enter a coordinate in the command line. The target point corresponds to the absolute zero point of the imported drawing.