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Add-on:  QCAD/CAM
Menu: CAM > Nesting
Commands: nesting


This tool automatically arranges parts on one or multiple chosen sheets optimizing the space used on the sheet.


  1. Optional: Define the nesting quantity of the parts to nest. To do this, select all entities of a part, choose CAM > Set Nesting Quantity and enter the desired quantity.
  2. Select the parts to nest. Parts can consist of lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, splines or polylines. Parts may contain islands. Each part is expected to be surrounded by a closed path of connected entities.
  3. Start this tool.
  4. Adjust the nesting parameters in the options toolbar at the top if desired:
  5. Click the sheet to be used to arrange the parts in. This can be any entity that is part of a closed shape. Multiple sheets may be chosen. Only one entity of each sheet has to be clicked. Multiple sheets can be chosen. If a sheet lies within another sheet, it is considered to be an island. Islands are not used to place parts.
  6. Right-click when all sheets have been chosen.
  7. QCAD/CAM starts the nesting process and lists possible solutions as they are found.
  8. As soon as the first solutions are found and listed, you can click a solution in the list to preview it. Solutions are listed in order of quality (from best to worst).
  9. The nesting process can be stopped when a good solution is identified using the "Stop" button.
  10. QCAD/CAM now shows all solutions again and lets you choose the preferred solution.
  11. Click "Apply Solution" to apply the chosen solution.


Edit > Application Preferences > CAM > Nesting