Edit Block In-place

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Block > Edit Block In-place
Shortcut: B, B
Commands: blockeditinplace | bb


With this tool a block can be edited at the location where it was inserted into the drawing. The block can be inserted uniformly scaled or rotated.

This may appear as if the contents of a block reference was being edited. This is not the case. It's important to keep in mind that it is the block definition that is being edited. Any changes made to the block will affect not only the block reference that is being edited but also all other block references that are using that same block.


  1. Click the block reference you want to edit in-place.
  2. QCAD switches into block editing mode with the block entities as working set. The working set is the set of entities that can currently be modified. Various tool buttons are shown in the options toolbar. These tools are only shown in block editing mode when no other tool is active (neutral mode of QCAD). In this mode, the block entities (working set) are shown in their regular colors while the rest of the drawing is faded. This indicates that the faded entities can still be used as references for example for trimming or to create offsets but they cannot be modified as they are not in the current working set.
  3. You can now change the block as desired using the normal CAD tools to draw, modify or delete entities.
  4. When you are done, click "Save and Close" to exit the block editor and return to the main drawing.
  5. Other tools in block editing mode are:
    Save and Update to save the block and update all block references accordingly. This can be used to update the drawing and preview what effect the current modifications have. The block editing mode is not closed.
    Auto Update to automatically update all other block references whenever the contents of the block is edited.
    Add to Working Set to add selected entities from outside the current working set to the working set and add them to the block.
    Remove from Working Set to remove the selected entities from the working set and from the block.
    Cancel to cancel all changes since the last save and return to the main drawing.


Edit > Application Preferences > Graphics View > Behavior