Hatch from Segments

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Draw > Hatch > Hatch from Segments
Shortcut: H, S
Commands: hatchsegments | hs


This tool fills an area with a hatch pattern or a solid color. The area is defined by clicking existing entities or untrimmed entity segments which are part of the hatch boundary.


  1. Make sure that the area to be filled is enclosed on all sides with entities (e.g. lines, arcs, splines, etc.). The entities do not have to be trimmed to corners for this tool. You can use partial entities or segments of entities as part of the boundary.
  2. Start this tool.
  3. Click OK.
  4. A dialog for the hatch options is displayed. Choose a hatch pattern, scale factor and a rotation angle for the hatch pattern. If you want to fill the object with a solid color instead of a pattern, check the check box "Solid Fill".
  5. Click all entity segments that are part of the hatch or fill boundary. The selected segments are highlighted. You can also remove a segment from the boundary by clicking it again. The boundary segments do not have to be clicked in any particular order and you can also define islands inside an area.