Remove Nodes between Two Nodes

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Draw > Polyline > Remove Nodes between Two Nodes
Shortcut: O, B
Commands: polylinedelbetween | ob


Use this function to delete all nodes between two nodes of an existing polyline.


  1. Specify the polyline from which you want to delete segments.
  2. Specify the position of the first limiting node. That is the node from where you want to start deleting segments. The node itself will not be deleted. In most cases it is appropriate to use the endpoint snap function to specify the node.
  3. Specify the position of the node where you want to stop deleting. All segments that are between the first node and the second node are removed from the polyline. After the segments are deleted, the two limiting nodes are connected by a straight line segment so the polyline is still one continuous sequence of line segments.