Paste along Entity

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Edit > Paste along Entity
Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+V (Mac: ⇧⌘V) | P, E
Commands: pastealongentity


This tool pastes the clipboard contents along an existing line, arc, polyline or spline entity. The clipboard is pasted multiple times in such a way that the reference point of the clipboard contents is placed on the entity.

The clipboard can be inserted multiple times with a given distance between items or a given number of times, equally spread along the entity.

The "Align" option can be used to rotate the clipboard to align its angle with the angle along the entity.

The "Include end points" option causes the first and last items to be placed on the start and end point of the entity.

In addition, the clipboard can be scaled or rotated while pasting.