Print Preview

Toolbar / Icon:
Menu: File > Print Preview
Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P (Mac: ⇧⌘P)
Commands: printpreview


The print preview shows how your drawing will look like in the printout. Use the combo box in the options tool bar to adjust the scale factor of your drawing. This option does not actually scale or otherwise modify your drawing entities, it only sets up the scale factor that is applied for fitting your drawing on paper.
The buttons right of the scale combo box can be used to automatically fit your drawing on the chosen paper or to automatically add pages, so your entire drawing can be printed on multiple pages.
After choosing the "Move Paper Position" tool, you can move the paper around freely by dragging it with the left mouse button. Click the right mouse button or hit the escape key to terminate the tool.
The options tool bar offers some other tools to quickly change some common drawing preferences that are also accessible in the drawing preferences dialog.