Align Reference Points

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Modify > Align Reference Points
Shortcut: A, E
Commands: align | ae


Aligns the selected entities with other, existing entities.


  1. Select the entities you want to align.
  2. Launch this tool.
  3. Check "Scale" to also scale the selection to fit between the two target points.
  4. Check "Copy" to create an aligned copy of the selected entities.
  5. Set the first reference point with the mouse or enter a coordinate in the command line. This point will be aligned with the first target point.
  6. Set the first target point.
  7. Set the second reference point to be aligned with the second target point.
  8. Set the second target point.
  9. The selection is moved, rotated and optionally scaled in such a way that the two chosen reference points align with the two chosen target points.