Detect Duplicates

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Modify > Detection > Detect Duplicates
Shortcut: M, D
Commands: duplicates


This tool can be used to find, select and optionally delete identical entities in the current drawing.


  1. After launching the tool, the options tool bar displays controls to enter tolerance values for the comparison of entities. Adjust these if appropriate.
  2. Tick the option "Ignore Layer" if you want two identical entities on different layers to be considered equal.
  3. Click the refresh button to run the search again if you have made any adjustments to the tolerances and the "Auto" check box is not checked:

    If the "Auto" check box is checked, the search for duplicates is automatically repeated if you change any of the options.
  4. Click the delete button if you wish to delete the selected duplicates:
  5. Click the close button to terminate this tool: