Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Modify > Draw Order > Reorder
Shortcut: M, O
Commands: reorder | mo


With this tool you can reorder entities manually. The draw order of entities is usually not important unless an entity is hiding another one. However, for certain types of further processing (such as CAM), the order of entities can be crucial.


  1. To reorder all entities in your drawing, make sure that nothing is selected. Otherwise, select the entities you wish to reorder. Note that if you reorder only selected entities, the order of all other entities remains unchanged. Other entities might be drawn before, after or in between selected entities.
  2. Click the entity that should be drawn or processed first and subsequently click all entities in the desired order. When the last entity is clicked, the tool automatically terminates. The numerical order of the entities is shown as an overlay while this tool is running.