Toolbar / Icon:
Menu: Modify > Stretch
Shortcut: S, S
Commands: stretch | ss


This tool stretches contours and dimension entities. This can also be described as moving all endpoints within a given rectangular or polygonal area.
If there is a selection of entities, this tool only affects the selected entities. Otherwise, this tool operates on all entities in the given area.


  1. Choose in the options toolbar if you want to stretch a rectangular area (rectangle symbol) or a polygonal area (polygon symbol).
  2. Set the first corner of the stretch area.
  3. Set the second corner of the stretch area.
  4. For polygonal areas, set the other corners of the stretch area and right-click the last corner when finished.
  5. Set the reference point for moving using the mouse or enter a coordinate in the command line.
  6. Set the target point.

QCAD Professional: