Matrix Transformation

Toolbar / Icon:
Add-on:  QCAD Professional
Menu: Modify > Projection > Matrix Transformation
Shortcut: M, X
Commands: matrixtransform | mx


This tool transforms the selection using an arbitrary user defined transformation matrix.


  1. Select the entities you want to transform.
  2. Launch this tool.
  3. Enter the transformation matrix in the options tool bar.
  4. For convenience, you may additionally enter a factor that is applied to each element of the matrix.
  5. Set the reference point for the transformation. This is the point you will use to position the transformed entities in the next step.
  6. Move the mouse cursor to the position where you want to create the transformation and click to set the position. Before setting the definitive position, you might still want to adjust the transformation matrix in the options tool bar, until the preview matches your expectations.