A New View Mode

QCAD 3.4 has been released today with a new view mode and support for custom properties.

The new view mode displays a drawing using screen-based linetypes instead of drawing unit based linetypes:

Screen-based Linetypes

This is particularly useful for users who are working in larger or smaller units than Millimeters, Centimeters or Inches. In such drawings, linetype patterns are usually too small or too large to be visible in model view.

Consider the floorplan at the right which is constructed in Meters. Interiors are shown with a dash line pattern. However, in the model view, the line pattern is too dense to be visible. To show the line pattern, you would have to switch to the print preview and adjust the drawing scale appropriately.

Starting with QCAD 3.4, you can use the new view mode to switch from drawing unit based linetypes to screen based linetypes.

Once this view mode is activated, QCAD displays dashed lines with screen based dashes. This means that dashes are defined in pixels rather than drawing units. Zooming in and out has no effect on the density of the pattern in this view mode.

Since this view mode mostly makes sense for users working in units other than Millimeters, Centimeters or Inches and only when working in the model view, there is also a new application wide preference available to automatically switch this view mode on when working in the model view and switch it off when working in the print preview. This preference can be adjusted under Edit - Application Preferences - Graphics View - Appearance - Linetypes - Auto switch linetypes.