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by uwezi
Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:57 pm
Forum: QCAD 'How Do I' Questions
Topic: load default template
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Re: load default template

Under Windows 7 I placed the template.dxf and the script startup.js in the program directory of QCad. In order to start QCad with these settings, just right-click on the shortcut in the start-menu, choose Properties and change the Target . In my case the correct setting is "C:\Program Files\QCAD Pro...
by uwezi
Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:34 pm
Forum: QCAD 2.1/2.2 Troubleshooting and Problems
Topic: Lines disappearing when zooming
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Same thing happens to me - previously on a Win XP Pro system and now on a quite new HP ProBook, Windows 7 Pro, 32bit, internal Intel graphics card with recent drivers. Lines disappear reproducibly when less than 2% of the full line would be visible. E.g. draw a 10000 units long line and a 100 units ...
by uwezi
Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:06 pm
Forum: QCAD 2.1/2.2 'How Do I' Questions
Topic: Layers
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found it...

I felt the same need and actually I don't understand why the user interface of QCad doesn't have a convenient way to define such start-up settings... According to the documentation it should be possible to put these definitions into a script named autostart.qs which is executed when the program star...

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