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About this new forum

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:41 pm
by Clive
This new forum will be a place where people can view a chosen selection of the 'top' voted feature requests submitted to the bugtracker:

...and then vote for their favorite here in the forum :wink:

How will it work ?

Regularly a selection of the highest scoring (voted) feature requests from the bugtracker will be added here in a voting poll, the poll will run for a pre-determined time and at the end of the poll the winning feature request will potentially be implemented depending upon Andrews current available development time. Any potential winning feature request/s will be subject to further review and as a result of it not being implemented - the reasons will be given and the next alternative 'runner up' will be considered!

How do I get a feature request added to a forum voting poll ?

All feature requests are to be submitted on the bugtracker first - then the top scoring ones will be added in a forum poll.

So it is important to review the bugtracker regularly and add votes to your favorite request.