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CAM expert for modern linux releases

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:30 pm
by djandruczyk
According the the website the CAM expert for linux seems to be rather outdated (some are more than 5 years old). Are there any plans for a modern linux release, i.e. ubuntu 8.04 or newer?

I'd consider the app if it would work on a modern system as I am looking for a CAD/CAM solution that I can afford, that can create G-code for a linux EMC2 CNC setup. (Lumenlab Micro m2).

The current EMC2 bundle is built on Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS), and having the full software suite that goes with it and runs well on that platform (Linux) with a common look and feel (Qcad +Cam expert) is a BIG bonus.