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User Interface Improvements

Post by loboy » Wed May 26, 2010 4:51 pm


I would like to suggest some user interface improvements. I have been using the demo version of CAM Expert for OS X, so I do not know if some of these features are implemented in the full version or the Windows version. I have not purchased this application yet due to these issues.

- Ability to have to a true grid without the dots.

- Ability to set the grid to true units. In the preferences, I do not understand the use of "Minimal Grid Spacing (px)".

- Ability to set an overall grid size. This would be due to the confusing zoom.

- In the preferences, implement a color wheel, instead of typing in the hex values.

Layer List:
- The lock icon shouldn't change color, it should display a new icon that looks unlocked. I can never remember what color means what.

- Implement ability to double click a layer to modify its settings rather than having a button at the top.

Tool Palette:
- Extremely unintuitive and confusing. Upon selecting a tool, the button menu should expand rather than replacing all the tools in the palette.

Main view window:
- Turn off scroll bars, and implement a panning ability with the mouse using a control key click, or second mouse button.

- Zooming is awkward. When there is no object, and the grid changes size, it is very difficult to understand what size the grid is, or where you are.

Overall application:
- Get rid of the ability to move the interface elements around in a single window. Moving the interface elements around in a confined window is extremely frustrating. Simply have palette windows with docking ability.

- The application does not remember the tool palette window's position when removed from the main window.

- The application does not remember if Snap is toggled.

- Need ability to set snapping distances.

- Sometimes backspace does not delete a selected object. Strange behavior and unintuitive.

- Turn off the click then select wireframe. The selection wireframe should only be available when holding down the mouse button. Or at least implement the ability to toggle it.

- Kill splash window on opening the application.

This is my shortlist for now.

I am a software developer for the Mac platform, so I understand these interface issues.

Thank you for this application, as it is the only one I know of that outputs G-Code on the Mac. I hope you will continue to develop it further.



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