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Feature request

Post by coldelectrons » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:54 am

I would like to use CE to utilize some features of the EMC2 RS274NGC gcode dialect.

Like the layer name being available in the machine .cxm script, I would like to have some identifier for the the contour (and possibly entity) being processed. My goal is to generate loops in EMC2 gcode, and I need a unique number for each loop.

It was my first thought to use the <Number> directive, but the number increments each time it is referenced - which makes it impossible to use the number at the start and end of my loop code. Ideally, an <Identifier> directive, which would work like <Number> - except that the number would stay the same until a <IdentifierIncrement> or <IdentifierDecrement> is used.


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