Does dxflib retrieve TEXT?

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Cambridge Ray
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Does dxflib retrieve TEXT?

Post by Cambridge Ray » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:16 pm

dxflib Version 2.5.0

I have tried the test application that is included in the distribution with FIVE different DXF files. All of them contain one string ("Hello World!"). The 5 files have the following versions:

Hello-R12.dxf: AC1009
Hello-R2000.dxf: AC1015
Hello-R2004.dxf: AC1018
Hello-R2007.dxf: AC1021
Hello-R2010.dxf :AC1024

Note: I am only interested in support for R2000.

This is the output:

LAYER: 0 flags: 0
Attributes: Layer: , Color: 7 Width: 25 Type: Continuous



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Re: Does dxflib retrieve TEXT?

Post by andrew » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:28 pm

dxflib notifies you with parsed entities and other objects that are found in a DXF file through your implementation of the DL_CreationAdapter interface (dl_creationadapter.h). Please have a look at that class to see what objects and entities are supported. Text is supported through addMText, addMTextChunk and addText.

The test application only implements a small subset of the complete interface to demonstrate how to use the interface. More complex entities (such as texts, hatches, etc) require more effort to implement.

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