Guidance needed in installing vec2web

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Guidance needed in installing vec2web

Post by ringer » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:46 pm

I am running on Ubuntu 10.4
Have downloaded the file vec2web-
and extracted it using...
gzip -dc vec2web- | tar xvf -
so I now have a folder vec2web-
I have run ~/vec2web-
it is complaining 'QTDIR not set. Aborting..'

Now the instructions on your download page say...
Includes script to build vec2web from scratch. Requirements: the Qt developer edition, version 3.3.x.

but there is no instruction on where I can get 'QT developer edition, version 3.3.x' which I presume will create the QTDIR environment variable when it is installed.

I have tried 'sudo apt-get install qt3-apps-dev' in the hope this was the correct package but it seems not as I still do not have a $QTDIR environment variable

can you please tell me what to download e.g sudo apt-get install qt#####


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