Suggestion about "Snap" tools.

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Suggestion about "Snap" tools.

Post by ClaudeQC » Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:53 am


- I currently use QCAD V2.2.2.0 on Windows XP, and I think that QCAD is
a really nice CAD software.

- It would be nice to make the following change on snap tools:

1) Make QCAD remember the last snap tool used, and make this
snap tool used for all successive drawing operation, until
user change it.

2) Make QCAD able to use simultaneously many snap tools.
Example: Snapping on both grid and entities endpoints.

- Obviously, this have many advantages:

1) QCAD users will no more have to re-select the snap tool he want
to use every time he draw a new entity, since most of the time
the previous snap settings remain valid.

2) The ability to activate simultaneously multiple snap tool
eliminate the need for a dedicated "Auto Snap" tool, since
activating multiple snap tools simultaneously will force QCAD
to manage automatically the selected snap tools.
This way, QCAD users will be able to adapt the snap tools to fit
exactly there needs.

Claude Sylvain


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