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Bitmap Export. QCAD Professionnal V2.2.2.0

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:47 pm
by ClaudeQC
Hello Andrew,
Hello all,

- Just to say that "Bitmap Export" (to .png) in
QCAD Professionnal V2.2.2.0 just work like a charm, and that this
"Bitmap Export" is superior in term of usability and flexibility as full
fledged CAD, like CADopia IntelliCAD V6.
Indeed, in QCAD Professionnal V2.2.2.0, when exporting a drawing to a
bitmap file, we can adjust image resolution, adjust the page in which it
is displayed, scale the image in that page.

- So, QCAD bitmap export functionality -> great functionality.

Claude Sylvain
Electro-Technica inc.