Apt suggestions - i hope

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Apt suggestions - i hope

Post by ahamedck » Thu May 01, 2008 7:06 am

Congrats to the whole Qcad team for ur esteemed products, javascript:emoticon(':roll:')

I had gone through almost all of the "QCad 2.1/2.2 Suggestions and Feedback" discussion forum.

I would like to suggest u to implement the following:
1. inorder to increase the viewable area (ie. view port) of the Qcad, can u not implement something like autohide to the i) tool bar, ii) Layer List, property list, Block list, etc. and iii) the command line area (NOT the command entering area - but the command output area) of course, with an optional STICKY button so that user can at his will make it autohide or make it to the present case for a while as much as he/she wishes.

2. Suppose we have to trim a group of lines against another line(limiting entity) we have to select the individual lines one by one. Why Not please make a group selection mode for this ( ie group trim) and for similar actions.

3. Can u not please reduce the price for the various types of countries such as i) undeveloped countries ii) developing countries and iii) for the developed countries. As u know that the price in ie $ or Euro is not of the same value in each locality globally. Hope u understand this and make necessary modification to this effect

Once again appreciating ur work,


Hi Qcad team,
In addition to the above may i suggest one more which was suggested by some great fellow earlier, that more than one drawing opened at a time could be placed in a TAB Bar
Similarly some tool for giving attributes of one entity to one or more entities,,,,

Bye Rasheed


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