The perfermance of Qcad professional 2.2 is very slow

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The perfermance of Qcad professional 2.2 is very slow

Post by xsitian » Mon Aug 18, 2008 1:16 am

Hi Andrew,
I have buy several copy of Qcad pro 2.2, mainly my studio is doing architecture design. When using the Qcad pro, we found that if the drawing is over 1,000 lines in a file, the qcad is slow, when there are hatches and text, it will become much more slower. Even the opensouse Qcad 2.05 is faster than Qcad pro. At first I'm doubting that the Nvidia 2d driver on linux is such bad, but when I tested it on windows xp, it's the same. Even in draf mode, it's just speed up a little. Can you improve this in next generation? We really need it to do it better in some big project. By the way, how about some new about Qcad pro 3.0, when will you release it?

Many thanks!

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Post by andrew » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:43 pm

Yes, performance and memory usage are the top priorities for QCad 3.

QCad 3 is scheduled for 2009.

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Post by jamesarbrown » Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:49 am


I dont know if its the same thing, but we get drawings from a certain supplier in dwg. Some of these drawings are 10000 objects+ and when converted to dxf are 3.5MB or there about.

These drawings are a real pain, we even have to explode some of the objects for them to convert back to 2000 DXF.

AutoC&D can still open the new dxf in around 10 sec, QCAD I have seen sit there for around 10 mins+ and lock up the machine.

I am guessing that Autoc&d is not attempting to draw certains lines at certain zooms, where as QCAD when zoomed out is attempting to draw all.

Andrew if you want one of the original dwg we get please let me know.



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