request for TTF support

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request for TTF support

Post by hiro » Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:24 am

Dear developers,

I hope more efficient font management mechanism for Text label in drawings for Asian users and suggest to support TrueType font.

Several languages like Japanese and Chinese use large number of letters, for example the UNICODE includes about 70,000 Asian Kanji letters. Current version of QCAD provides a smaller subset of Japanese fonts but it is not enough for professional quality drawing in our Language. So I tried to generate outline font from public domain TTF and to import more acceptable UNICODE fonts. but my QCAD behaves very slowly or freezes few minutes to load whole large font file as a "drawing" on RAM.

My suggestion consists of two steps. In Unix system, font servers efficiently manage such large font files on the file system. As first step, I suggest to implement an option to use TrueType fonts through generic font server instead of outline font. Of course, I understand that outline font is good for some CAM or plotters. I think, on the other hand, light weight font management is also important for me.

I would like to mention that there are some software to convert TTFs to outline fonts. So even if all text on drawings are given as TTFs we can convert them to outline font. I suggest this function as second step.


Hiro/Japan :wink:


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