Rotate view by element and modify element

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Rotate view by element and modify element

Post by feeedyourhead » Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:20 am

It would be great to have these two feature incorporated. I have a microstation background and I used these all the time.

Rotate view to view at different angles, obviously, and you could do a 'rotate view element' which rotates the view so that an element you select appears at angle 0 (horizontal in the case of a line). Say you're printing a plan sheet that's not at an even angle...

Modify element to easily move the end of a line segment from one location to another. QCAD has the stretch tool which can kind of do that but that's usually too complex for just adjusting a line segment end.

Also I'm looking forward to obtaining user input (x, y coords) for the scripting language. I read hear somewhere that that's not available in 2.x but hopefully in 3.0.

Great work.


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