Building QCAD on FreeBSD

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Building QCAD on FreeBSD

Post by andrew » Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:58 pm

Building instructions / patches for FreeBSD by Th. Thomas:

The attached patches are used to build QCAD on FreeBSD.


- patch-shared_app.pri adds a dependency to libexecinfo (not required with the latest master branch).

It could be useful also for the other BSDs.

- patch-src_3rdparty_opennurbs_opennurbs_system.h remove malloc.h (not required with the latest master branch).

-,, patch-src_core_math_RSpline.h and allow to use opennurbs as a dependency from the ports system, which is the recommended method, but you may ignore them in the general distribution sources if you prefer.

- patch-src_core_RSettings.cpp is specific to the ports system (”/usr/local/share/qcad” is not really hardcoded, and modified according to $PREFIX at build time): you may ignore it if you want.
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