Detection transaction operation

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Detection transaction operation

Postby caramel » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:22 pm


I'm using transaction listener for change detection :

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TransactionListener.init = function (basePath) {

  var adapter = new RTransactionListenerAdapter();
  var appWin = EAction.getMainWindow();

  adapter.transactionUpdated.connect(function (document, transaction) {
    if (isNull(document) || isNull(transaction)) {
    var doc = EAction.getDocument();
    var objIds = transaction.getAffectedObjects();

    for (var i = 0; i < objIds.length; i++) {
      var objId = objIds[i];     

      var obj = doc.queryObjectDirect(objIds[i]);

      if (isLineEntity(obj)) {
        if (transaction.getText().toLowerCase() == "supprimer") {
          qDebug("line deleted");

        else if (transaction.getText().toLowerCase().indexOf("déplacer") != -1) {         
          qDebug("line moved");   



  EAction.handleUserMessage("Mod_TransactionListener.js: Transaction listener installed.");


And as you can see I'm temporarily basing on transaction.getText() to detect operation type, but I know that isn't the appropriate way, could you tell me the rightr way to detect it ?

Thanks a lot !

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