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qcad3 feedback and suggestions

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:59 pm
by yorik
First of all, congratulations for the amazing work that has been done on qcad3. This is truly impressive, you changed an old thing into a slick modern app.
I above most things appreciated the dwg support. This is really something that adds value and makes the price to pay for qcad more than fair.

A couple of things I miss, though, that you guys might be interested to know:

- "dot" arrow styles for dimensions. Archticks and arrows don't look as nice as dots! Vote for dots!
- xrefs. Using xrefs is really some easy way to make your drawing sets become "parametric" somehow... Embedding drawings into other drawings is something I do all the time, and is a must when several people are working on the same project.
- movable coordinate system (UCS). That's maybe the command I use most in 2d cad... You draw a plan view of a house, then you want to draw a section, but instead of copying/rotating your plan view to build your section underneath, it's much handier to rotate the coordinate system, and draw your section at its right position, offsetted from the cut line. This, especially combined with xrefs (your plan gets updated when someone else changes it), make it very efficient to have several people working on the same set.

Anyway, surely all this is in the plans already (except the dim dots maybe :) ). Keep up the good work!


Re: qcad3 feedback and suggestions

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:09 pm
by andrew
Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

I've added the appropriate feature requests to our task tracker: ... ask_id=693 ... ask_id=694 ... ask_id=695