Inclusion of dxf previewer in QCad

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Inclusion of dxf previewer in QCad

Post by algrass » Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:18 pm

I tried to list this suggestion on the other website but I failed despite registering. Obviously my fault as I am not so familiar with navigating in Forums.

I would like to suggest that a dxf pre-viewer would be a great asset if included in Qcad. It is never easy to just rely on the filename to remember exactly what drawing is in that specific file as often we have to make variations which we save under slight different names. These names are clear at the the time of creating them, but after a few days or weeks if one had to come back to those file, the filename is not at all meaningful.

Adding a dxf previewer, such as are available for pdf files, or docx files, etc., would be a great asset.

Can someone add this suggestion to the relevant website for QCad site/forum?

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