Layer logic - jams my logic or what ;)

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Layer logic - jams my logic or what ;)

Post by Husky » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:23 pm


right now I'm wondering about a layer behavior and just like to ask: Jams my logic :wink:

Scenario: I have a block, build for constructive reasons out of multiple other blocks called "Gas Lift". If I insert it on a layer (e.g. Phantom) in Model Space it will not adopt the layer attributes - yep, understandable.
If I then switch that layer to invisible the combined block will stay visible BUT I can't reach it anymore within a selection.

1. I think if I have something on a layer and switch that layer invisible everything on the layer should be invisible regardless how that block was built.

2. A visible block which isn't reachable anymore is more than confusing and there is no easy way to check what is going on. Yes - now I know maybe an invisible layer but which one of my 25 invisible layers .... :(
If there is no other way to solve this issue then it would be nice to have at least some kind of Alert Message ...

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