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Active layer suggestion

Post by Panchdara » Fri May 31, 2019 7:40 am

I know that the active layer is shown with an icon representing a pencil. Open new drawing and layer 0 has the icon in that row and the layer has no blue/grey highlight. Add a new layer (Layer 1) and that layer is now selected (with pencil icon) and still no blue highlight background. Then select layer 0 and the pencil icon moves to layer 0 and the layer is blue/grey highlighted. Add new layer, layer 2, and that layer is now selected with pencil icon but layer 0 is still blue/grey highlighted. Suggestion, no matter what layer is highlighted then that layer has blue highlight as well as pencil icon. It's a glance that helps determine active layer. OR, don't blue/grey highlight any active layer. Not a bug, but a UI inconsistency?

Just a suggestion.

edit: changed blue to blue/grey in paragraph above. Also, got bit on this yesterday, just glancing at layers list and see a layer highlighted (grey) and thought that was the active layer. Oh well....
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