Saving blocks as you go - 'work around tip'

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Saving blocks as you go - 'work around tip'

Post by Clive » Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:00 pm

(this maybe useful to others too)

Looking at your feature request here: ... ask_id=558

The only 'Work around' I use (and you may already do this) to create/modify blocks 'as you go' in the current drawing and then save direct to the library is to select the block in question in the block list then select 'block edit mode' and then make any changes etc... in the property editor, then from the main menu:

Edit > Copy this block into a new drawing and then 'save as' to the library!

It is one extra process I know, but it does work well, your feature request to be able to save a block direct from 'edit' mode to the library is a fantastic idea and I totally support it. :wink:

keep up the good ideas.


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