How do I align the size by layer?

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How do I align the size by layer?

Post by turtle » Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:29 am

Greetings all Qcadders again
I am continuing to learn more and work my way thru chapter 13 in this Qcad book (the chapter on text).
However I have a continuing problem that the scale of text gets way off only inside the "edit" box.
While it looks fine on the drawing.

I typically draw work in actual dimensions and then scale between 1/32 INCH = 1 Foot and 1/2 INCH = 1 Foot in ANSI-A or ANSI-B for printing.
I am frequently changing scale or copying and pasting text from different drawings. I am ending up with all combinations of different text sizes.
I see there are two boxes that change the text size.
The first box is labeled "height" under the "Main Font" and the second un-named box next to the second font. (see attached screen shot)

Is "Height" the same setting as "Text Height" under drawing preferences? As changing this does not affect the "Heights".
I get that I need a layer for each different text height I want,
What I am unsure of is how to align copy and pasted text to the settings of the layer?
and if I need to change the drawing scale it seems the text in the edit box gets all wonky small or large.
How do I correct this? (Attached drawing file)
I might have a drawing with dozens of these boxes on many pages that all look fine, but editing them I need to change the scale, then they don't all match in the finished drawing.
Thanks in advance!
Same goes for arrows (leaders) so bonus point if you got a solution for both.
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Re: How do I align the size by layer?

Post by Husky » Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:50 am


Questions: Your example drawing is set to a 1/4" = 1'-0" printing scale. If I use this drawing for my explanation .... :shock:
... what is your goal for dimension and text size after printing (on paper!)? 16? Looks a bit big to me but you never know .... :wink:
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