QCAD Does Not See Printer

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QCAD Does Not See Printer

Post by centec2b » Fri May 27, 2016 8:23 am

Hello I am running the latest version of QCAD under Ubuntu Mate

Other programs see the printer attached via a USB and print no problem

QCAD does not see the printer and only offers to print to PDF or postscript file

Sorry I cannot trace any other posts for this

I would be grateful for any help or ideas

System Details

Version: (3.14.3)
Internet: QCAD.org
Build Date: Apr 26 2016
Revision: c4f0833
Qt Version: 4.8.6
Architecture: i386
Compiler: gcc 4.4.3

MATE Desktop Environment 1.12.1

Ubuntu Release 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 32-bit
33GPR Italian Palace.dxf
(110.28 KiB) Downloaded 168 times

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Re: QCAD Does Not See Printer

Post by andrew » Fri May 27, 2016 8:29 am

Code: Select all

sudo ln -s /var/run/cups/printcap /etc/printcap
See also:

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Re: QCAD Does Not See Printer

Post by centec2b » Sat May 28, 2016 5:54 pm

Thank you Andrew

If I follow this correctly the command ln creates a file which is linked to the original and reflects that file. The new location is a folder where QCAD expects to find this file?

I read the link entry viewtopic.php?f=47&t=3247 and was nonplussed when I could not find cups.conf in that folder. I eventually found it in etc/init and presume linux affords the flexibility to allow the builder to place it there

One item in consequence. QCAD behaves perfectly and shows a preview that is correct in every respect. However when printed the drawing has skewed slightly across the page and a small piece is missing. When I use other software the problem does not occur. Should this be logged as a separate forum entry and do you have any suggestion where I might start to research this problem

Thank you

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Re: QCAD Does Not See Printer

Post by AdamA » Wed May 23, 2018 6:08 pm

Just had this problem in Ubuntu 18.04 and this solved it thanks

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