Duplicating layers - is this normal?

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Duplicating layers - is this normal?

Post by Simon_M » Wed May 27, 2020 10:23 am

Version: (3.24.3)
Mac 10.15.4

Hi Andrew,

I have a drawing with 15 - 20 layers - I noticed a "feature" duplicating layers.

To see the "feature" - draw a line on a new layer and duplicate the layer changing the colour:

1. Start QCAD;
2. Create a new drawing;
3. Draw a reference box using layer 0;
4. Add a layer called magenta with the colour Magenta;
5. Draw a line in the reference box between diagonals with the new layer (it's Magenta);
6. Duplicate the layer and call it cyan with the colour Cyan;
7. Notice that the line in the reference box is now drawn in Cyan (A);
8. Draw two more lines e.g. first in Magenta and the second in Cyan (B).

NB (A) Clicking on the line that changed colour shows that the colour is still Magenta (displays as Cyan).
(B) The two lines drawn after both layers are created are drawn in the correct colours.

9. Saving the drawing and reloading the drawing (C).

NB (C) The line in the reference box is Cyan and lists as being Cyan too.

Am I doing something wrong or is this the expected behaviour?

The version I'm using says it's the latest level. It's has the same level as the current trial version (and the last in my year's license).

layers copy magenta.pdf
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Re: Copying layers - is this normal?

Post by andrew » Wed May 27, 2020 10:33 am

Not sure I follow, but I suspect this might be the misunderstanding:

- You draw a rectangle on layer "0" and a diagonal on layer "magenta".
- You then duplicate layer "magenta" and call the new duplicated layer "cyan".
- There are now two diagonals: one on layer "magenta", one on layer "cyan". This is intended.
- Clicking the diagonal might select the one on "magenta" or "cyan". The two lines are congruent.

I suspect that what you intended to do was to only clone the layer and not its contents, i.e. not the entities on the layer. Does that sound right?

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Re: Duplicating layers - is this normal?

Post by Simon_M » Wed May 27, 2020 2:04 pm

Hi Andrew.

You are (of course) right.

I didn't realise that "Duplicating (YY)" a layer means also duplicating the contents of that layer! (Yes the "clue" is in the name)!

If I switch visibility of the new layer "off" then it does indeed show the other layer. Lesson learned.

To be fair, I called it a "feature" and not a "bug". :wink:


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